Hi! My name is Marla, and I live in Nashville, Tennessee – originally from Texas where my roots grow strong and deep! I love my family. I love Texas. I love Texas A&M. BUT I love living in Nashville. I grew up with parents who instilled a love for travel deep within me. They sparked an interest that never stopped growing.

Family Vacation – Queenstown, New Zealand
They took us all over the United States and to plenty of international destinations as well – New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, Italy, and Canada!

Family Vacation at Machu Picchu, Peru
I have lived in Nashville for almost 3 years, and in those 3 years, I have explored so much of this area and surrounding areas that I have become awestruck with the beauty of this state. I love the wild nature around Nashville. I love hiking. I love hills. I love waterfalls, and this is a great place to see plenty of these features.

Twin Falls at Rock Island State Park
Not only have I been exploring all the parks and nature around Nashville, but I have also visited Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, Birmingham, Columbia, Atlanta, etc.! Experiencing new places is such a pleasure to me and brings great joy to life.

My husband is another facet of life filled with joy and love. I met my husband here in Nashville where we started dating immediately. Eighteen months later, we were married and ready to conquer the world.

Marla & Alec’s Wedding Lebanon, TN Nashville, Middle Tennessee & Destination Wedding Photography, by Peerless Weddings Shot By Christopher Ott Mallory Burns A Peerless Wedding
He is my constant travel partner, and we share the same love and passion for traveling. We hope to some day take time away from our jobs to travel the world. But until then, we will have to travel as much as we can on our weekends and vacation days.

Waterfront Park, Charleston, SC
We’ll never stop exploring. Life is a constant adventure. We are travelers, foodies, adventurers, coffee connoisseurs, and lovers of nature. We want to bring everyone on our journey through our stories.  We have many trips up our sleeves in the next few years and look forward to sharing them with our friends, family, and followers.

Spencers, Bowling Green, KY

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  1. What a wonderful blog! We look forward to seeing more pictures of your future travels. Carpe diem!
    Profiter du present! Aprovechar el dia! Cogliere l’attimo!

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